I initially wrote this story in 2016, but as Windows 10 has evolved over time, some of the steps have changed a bit. Video converters are among the most used software now are days. Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, you need a resolution video converter.

  • When the PC reboots and Outlook starts up, it advises the user that there may be a problem and asks the user if she wants to start Outlook in Safe Mode.
  • Once Windows 10 is installed, you’ll need to check for Windows Updates to download the Windows 11 update file.
  • While the initial upgrade might take longer than a Windows 10 feature update, routine Windows 11 updates should be faster.

In fact, you might be rebooting several times to test whether the changes you’re making are having positive effects on whatever has plagued your computer. The quickest way to open Windows 10 in Safe Mode is from the sign-in screen or the desktop by holding Shift while selecting Restart. One issue with Safe Mode on Windows 10 is that IT must perform multiple boots to Safe Mode in the debugging process. It’s a pain to have to boot to Advanced Options, find the Safe Mode option and continue booting each time. Having problems with Windows crashes, applications or performance issues?

Upgrading to a better version has always been a choice for most users. It is because advanced features help in enhancing the pace of the workplace and other personal matters. The update shall be facile for Windows 10 users as they can install the new update from Settings. If you are looking for a disaster, you can install the new update without checking if the system can manage it. It is always good to make the device ready before unleashing new features and changes to the system. One can check the compatibility status of Windows 11 through the PC Health Check app.

When other methods to fix an issue have failed. Otherwise, enter the query in the search box below. Select one of the available restore points to do system restore in Safe Mode.

How To Upgrade Windows 10

The below image will show you the hardware requirements download wmvcore_dll from driversol.com of Windows 11. This image is taken from Windows 11 official source. So, the information given in the picture is 100% authentic. Now the tools will give you the result in seconds. Either you will see a popup “This PC can’t run Windows 11” with the details like “This processor is not Supported for Windows 11” like shown in screenshot below. Or, you will be see the good news “This PC can run Windows 11”.

With msconfig utility, you can also boot Windows 11 into safe mode quickly. Do you want to boot into Safe Mode repeatedly? At times, you may have to run through several diagnostics, and it’s not fun to repeatedly go through the procedures mentioned above. A simple tweak can force Safe Mode to show up on subsequent reboots as well. Your computer will restart and automatically boot into Safe Mode.

How To Boot To Safe Mode In Windows 10

However, there are still ways to install Windows 11 on many unsupported PCs. Microsoft is gradually offering Windows 11 to more Windows 10 PCs over time. You can skip this slow, careful rollout process and get Windows 11 immediately—even if Windows Update isn’t offering it on your PC yet. Click the Accept button to confirm that this Windows 11 installation is not supported. Double-click the MediaCreationToolW11.exe file to launch the tool.

Mac: Safe Mode

It helps maintain the fundamental functions of Windows 10 in the event of critical system errors or damaged hardware, to the extent possible. This considerably simplifies the process of diagnosing and repairing errors – even when Windows 10 can no longer run in its normal form. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Located the physical power button on your device, and hold it down for a period of 10 seconds. Under Advanced startup, select Restart Now.