You could try backing up your most essential data and performing a system reset. If you’re experiencing problems a year into your purchase, this also could be a fault of a defective unit.

  • Conversely, if the Hardware Acceleration setting was initially switched off, try turning it on instead.
  • Right-click on the Start button in the lower-left corner and select “Apps and Features“.
  • In Task Manager, right-click any Service Host process and choose the “Open File Location” option.
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  • So, get rid of your temporary files and try sharing your screen.

Run Update.exe and wait for the update process to be complete. Click on Get Updates and install the newest Discord version on your computer. Find Discord from the list and delete the folder. Select Update driver and click on Search automatically for drivers. Go to the Advanced menu and enable the Hardware Acceleration toggle. Right-click Discord app on your desktop and select Properties.

Malware and antivirus scan to stop Svchost exe netsvcs causing high CPU usage

Shut down these programs, and you should be able to stream Chrome. While the CPU can perform these tasks, sometimes it makes sense to pass them off to other hardware devices for improved quality and speed. Handing the tasks over will also free your CPU to handle other processes. This will preventively fix the black screen problem on the Discord app.

How to fix Discord Screen Share Not Working Error

How you’ll do this depends on the device you have. For instance, if your iPhone has a home button, hold this and the on/off button. Do so until your phone turns off and back on again. The amount of customization you’ll get may make jailbreaking your phone seem appealing. But doing so can be a bad idea for many reasons. Beyond voiding your warranty, you’ll also make you more susceptible to iPhone malware.

You can even try it for yourself as Bitdefender comes with a 30-day money-back WinThruster removal guarantee. When I tested the refund policy, I called customer support to ask for a refund and it got approved a few minutes later. Remember not to restore the most recent backup, or you’ll be right back where you started. Online virus scan could only be done if you uploaded a suspicious file to be scanned in someone’s servers.